Our Services

Your provider will order the most appropriate tests to determine the best course of treatment for the allergies or sensitivities causing your symptoms.

We perform a full range of tests from a single serum sample. Using advanced diagnostic technology, we will quantify the levels of specific antibodies in your blood serum to identify the degree and extent of your allergies or sensitivities.  We can also test for other conditions such as Celiac Disease, Chemical or Mold Sensitivity.

Your provider will know what tests are best for you and your condition.

We freeze and retain your blood serum samples for one month. If your provider determines that additional tests are needed based on your screening results, there is no need to draw another sample.

Your provider can also order a Wellness Plan, a 4-day rotation/elimination diet plan based on your specific test results.

Nutritionists are available to provide you with the support to get the most out of your Wellness Plan.

Our nutritionists individualize each and every diet. It’s customized for you: Vegetarian, Kosher, IBS/SIBO, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, or any combination based on your needs. They will work with you to answer questions and to provide support to help you achieve your specific nutritional goals.

Some patients may also benefit from a treatment known as sublingual allergen immunotherapy, commonly called allergy drops.  This therapy is designed to treat the cause of your allergies, not just the symptoms.  It’s formulated based on your test results. It reduces your medication needs and develops long-term tolerance to your offending allergens.  Ask your provider if allergy drops are right for you.