Drop Ship

We are happy to drop ship kits directly to your patients at no additional charge.

To fill out a paperless, online drop ship form, please click here.

Please note, when using the paperless, online order form you can choose to bill the provider or have the patient pre pay.

If provider pay is chosen, the patient will not see any payment details, the provider will be billed with the account information on file.

If patient pre pay is chosen, the patient will receive an invoice via email upon form submission. The test collection kit will not ship to the patient until the online payment is received.

To download a pdf of the drop ship form, click here and follow instructions below.

*Please download and open form in Adobe Acrobat for full functionality

  • Open the PDF form using Adobe Acrobat or print form
  • Fill out the form completely, the form must include the patient’s contact information and mailing address
  • Mark off the tests you would like to run and sign form
  • Email the completed form to kitorders@foodallergy.com or fax to 781.871.4182
  • The completed requisition form and test kit will ship within 1 business day