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To order tests, the practitioner must be authorized under his or her scope of practice and be licensed within that State of practice. The ability to order laboratory testing is linked to a profession’s authority to interpret results for the purposes of diagnosis for decisions regarding patient treatment. If you are unsure whether your license covers the ordering of laboratory tests, please contact your state Department of Health or Health Professions Quality Assurance.

Alletess Informational Videos
Dr. Mona Morstein, Naturopathic Doctor, Speaks about Food Sensitivity Testing

Veronica Kent, President of Alletess Medical Laboratory and Dr. Mona Morstein, Naturopathic Doctor at Arizona Integrative Medical Solutions, speak about the importance of food sensitivity testing.

Dr. Mona Morstein, Naturopathic Doctor, Interprets a Food Sensitivity Test Result

Dr. Mona Morstein, Naturopathic Doctor at Arizona Integrative Medical Solutions, shares how she interprets food sensitivity test results with her patients.

About Our Testing

Alletess offers a complete range of allergy testing (IgE): Inhalants, foods, venoms, animals, molds, etc. as well as allergen component testing, IgG and IgA food sensitivity panels, Candida albicans and autoimmune screens.  All tests require serum samples, 3 are also available as finger stick samples.

Source of Allergens used in Alletess Food Sensitivity (IgG) and General Allergy Testing (IgE):

General allergen extracts used at Alletess are sourced from FDA approved suppliers.  Food extracts are obtained from organic raw materials.  Almost all allergenic extracts contain multiple allergens – for example, cow’s milk contains casein, beta-lactoglobin, alpha-lactoalbumin, and a number of others.  Individual foods contain multiple allergens.  A patient could be sensitive to one or more of the allergens. Testing the complete ‘raw’ extract is pragmatically the best approach to defining a patient’s response.

A number of individual allergens have been fully characterized and are available for component allergen testing.  Alletess offers molecular allergology testing.

The use of the raw food extracts is common in allergy testing.  Cooking or processing foods may denature some of the allergenic proteins.  Some allergens, however, are resistant to heat and/or digestive enzymes.  Furthermore, the number of cooking methods, the temperatures used, and differences in processing methods for many foods are incredibly varied and would be impossible to address in the context of ELISA testing.

Like all diagnostic tests, food sensitivity and allergy testing can only be interpreted in conjunction with the patient’s symptoms.

Why Use Our Services?
  • Free shipping and specimen transport kits.
  • Quick turn around time.
  • Our testing is accomplished using serum from the blood.
  • If you determine your patient requires allergy or hypersensitivity testing simply call our lab. We keep your patients blood sample for one month as a convenience for both you and the patient.
  • An Alletess certified nutritionist will develop a customized wellness program or rotary elimination diet for your patient.
  • Our certified dietitians are available for consultations.
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