Mission Statement

At Alletess Medical Laboratory our goal is to establish the best test performance to provide unsurpassed laboratory testing and services to our clients.


Founded in 1980, Alletess Medical Laboratory has been providing allergy and immunology testing services to clinicians worldwide. Our highly knowledgeable staff, cutting-edge medical technology, and customized wellness programs allow us to provide high-quality laboratory testing and services to our clients.

We understand that test results impact patient lives, every day we strive to provide test results with actionable information to clinicians to improve patient’s health and quality of life.

The test result is the beginning of the journey.

Changing lives and improving patient outcomes with over 40 years of experience in laboratory science.

“We were introduced to Alletess Medical Laboratory food and sensitivity testing through our family doctor. Little did we know it would impact and change our lives for the better. We had all three of our children tested. We found that testing to be very affordable, and in the in end, it was more than worth the cost. They all started on elimination diets, which included a customized diet plan with testing. We found that Alletess also provided many resources, as well as amazing customer service, making what seemed impossible, very much possible indeed.”

–Jessica S.