Specimen Collection Instructions

Serum – Blood Draw

All of our available tests and panels can be run with a serum sample which requires a venipuncture blood draw, centrifuged to separate the serum. If you do not draw blood in your practice you can send the serum kit and completed requisition form with your patient to an outside lab/phlebotomist. The kit contains everything the phlebotomist will need including the 2-day FedEx shipping label.

Find a Draw site

Serum collection instruction video

Finger Stick – Dried Blood Spot

The following tests are available to test using finger stick – dried blood spot collection.

96 IgG Food Panel

184 IgG Food Panel

204 IgG Food Panel

Candida IgG, IgA, IgM

The kits contain everything needed to collect the specimen, including the prepaid return envelope (for domestic shipping only). Sample collection can be done with the provider in office or sent home with the patient (please be sure to give them the completed requisition form so they can include it with the sample).

Finger Stick instruction video